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Hongluohu Theme Military Activities

Away from the city   - 度假村两日团建 Farewell to the hustle and bustle - two-day resort construction

: Activities :

cs 、烧烤 Live-action cs , barbecue

: Activity income :

Enhance cohesion, enhance sense of honor, activate new employees, enhance cognition

: Departure :


: Destination :

Hongluo Lake Bird Island Resort

: Days of travel :

1 2 days 1 night

Hongluo Lake Bird Island

Beijing Hongluohu Bird Island is the main content of a variety of cherished bird viewing; the theme of leisure, environmental protection, popular science, health and wellness; tourist resort and leisure places featuring participation, fun, eating, living and playing. , 风景诱人。 The lake is rippling, the trees are shaded, the mountains and rivers are interdependent, the birds are contending , and the scenery is attractive. There are many national first and second level wild protection animals here, as well as black swans, Australian ostriches, European flamingos, vultures, prairie eagles, mandarin ducks, wild geese, red-crowned cranes, yellow-billed storks, etc There are hundreds of species and thousands of cherished birds and birds. Bird language is floral, peaceful and pleasant.  



  A lunch 
  Live CS field base 

Itinerary introduction:

- 蓝奥拓展基地 The first day of Beijing - Lanao expansion base


set off

Meet at the agreed location and set off for the Blue Austrian expansion base.



Arrive at the bird island of Hongluo Lake and take a stroll.


Meet up for lunch


Special lunch

Tasting Huairou specialty lunch.

00 13:00

cs 野战基地。 After lunch, drive to the live cs field base.


CS Live CS

cs 基地,投入一级战备状态,完成阵地攻防战,丛林遭遇战,拯救人质保护政要等多项战斗任务。 Arrive at the live-action cs base, put into the first-level combat readiness state, complete positional offensive and defensive battles, jungle encounter battles, rescue hostage protection politicians and other combat missions.

CS 要领,注意事项 - - - 实战演练开始 The coach explains the essentials of CS , and the matters needing attention ---the actual combat drill begins



Assemble and return to the city by car to end the happy summer trip.

Booking notice:

: Signing method :

1 )邮件签约:通过邮件签订旅游合同,付款成功后,将通过电子邮件接收合同扫描件, 按照标准格式转发回复即可签订,与门市签约及传真签约同等有效; (依据《中华人民共和国合同法》第二章合同的订立第十条、第十一条,在线签订的电子合同,和纸质合同一样具有同样的法律效力。 查看《中华人民共和国合同法》关于电子合同的相关条文) ( 1 ) Mail signing: sign a travel contract by mail, after payment is successful, you will receive a scanned copy of the contract via email, forward the reply according to the standard format to sign, and it is equally valid as signing with the store and faxing; (based on the "People's Republic of China Contract Article 2 and Article 11 of the "Chapter 2" of the Law, electronic contracts signed online have the same legal effect as paper contracts. See the relevant provisions of the "Contract Law of the People's Republic of China" on electronic contracts)

2 )传真签约:双方在合同上签字盖章后,通过传真进行签约; ( 2 ) Fax signing: After both parties sign and seal the contract, sign the contract by fax;

3 )门市签约:在门市进行签约付款。 ( 3 ) Store signing: contract payment in the store. It is recommended that you make an appointment with the travel consultant in advance.

: 门市支付:门市现金付款、转账支票、刷卡 Payment method : store payment: store cash payment, transfer check, swipe card   For public remittances: Remittances of related groups to company accounts through banks.

: 企业营业执照税务登记证组织机构代码证备案登记证明 Qualification description : enterprise business license tax registration certificate organization code certificate record registration certificate


本次活动安排运动型,请穿宽松运动衣物,速干鞋 . 1. The event is organized for sports, please wear loose sports clothes and quick-drying shoes .
此次活动为集体活动,请勿擅自离队 . 2. This event is a collective event, please do not leave the team without permission .
山区气温多变,请注意保暖以及中暑 . 3. The temperature in the mountain area is changeable, please keep warm and heat stroke .
提供急救药箱和常用药品,特殊药品请随身携带以及告知随从人员服用方法和剂量 . 4. Provide first-aid kits and commonly used medicines, please take special medicines with you and inform the attendants how to take them and their dosage .
活动期间禁止饮酒,山区属于高级火灾危险区,请自觉遵守 . 5. Drinking alcohol is prohibited during the event. The mountainous area belongs to a high-level fire hazard area. Please consciously observe it .
孕妇、心脏病、高血压以及术后等多种情况,请活动前请告知带团教练或领队 . 6. Pregnant women, heart disease, high blood pressure and postoperative conditions, please inform the coach or team leader before the event .
山区树木花草较多,请注意蚊虫叮咬,或携带防叮咬花露水等 . 7. There are many trees and flowers in the mountain area, please pay attention to mosquito bites, or carry anti-bite toilet water, etc.
本次活动不配有防晒帽,请自行准备 . 8. This event is not equipped with sun protection hat, please prepare yourself .
参加活动人员需要上保险,请活动前 2 天提供姓名、性别、生日、身份证号码(附有相应模板),无保险人员活动中出现事故与我公司无关 . 9. Persons participating in the event need to be insured. Please provide the name, gender, birthday, ID number (with the corresponding template) 2 days before the event. Accidents during the event without insurance personnel are not related to our company .

酒店入住需提供二代身份证原件,请随身携带,无证件人员需自行前往派出所进行登记 10. The hotel needs to provide the original of the second generation ID card, please carry it with you, the undocumented person must go to the police station to register   . Or renew the temporary identity document .

活动中请听从教练或领队指挥,擅自行动者,出现任何事故均与我公司无关 . 11. Please follow the instructions of the coach or team leader during the event. Those who act without permission will have nothing to do with our company .

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